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Welcome to Little Tampopo.
There is something we can do now for the children who will make the future!

In today’s world, parents want a quality daycare near their workplace they can trust. At the same time, companies are looking for ways to retain skilled talent by making it easy for them to stay on after having children.

We all strive for a brighter future.

Our services are here to simplify that. We bring joy to the children who make up our future and to all involved in raising them.

Who We Are

With a total of 17 years of experience in early-childhood education, we create the ideal environment for working parents by providing them with the mental and physical support they need by assisting them in raising children with the skills necessary to be successful not just in today’s world but also as a well-rounded human being.

We can make the future of society better by providing a healthy environment for the mind and body of working parents.